Thank you for your interest in our 6 month coaching certification program. 

The Source Excellence Coaching curriculum is a highly intensive and rigorous process designed to integrate Source Excellence Coaching competencies into the core of who you are rather than just in your head at an intellectual level.

The program is designed with you in mind so you can be responsive in the moment to a wide variety of client types and needs. The course is a combination of virtual education and in-person classes that involve a great deal of practicing with real people and real issues. We pride ourselves on extremely low student/instructor ratio that we hope leads to a great deal of personalized attention and exploration. 

By the completion of the curriculum you will have found yourself, your special skills and talents to allow you to embrace your own unique style and voice as a motivational/life/business coach and to project confidence to your clients and others.

You must complete the program in its entirety to become certified as a Source Excellence coach. 

The program is made up of  11 modules

  1. Intro to Coaching
  2. Self Esteem
  3. Your Client
  4.  Coaching Skills I
  5. Coaching Skills II
  6. Speaking Skills
  7. Ethics
  8. Etiquette
  9. Business Development  I
  10. Business Development II
  11. Practicum

We are committed to your future as a professional coach.  The program is designed for those individuals who are dedicated and committed to their individual personal growth and professional guidance to their clients. 

The program builds over a course of 11 modules on the foundation of knowledge and experiences you will have created in your study with Source Excellence in our core curriculum, this program uses different technologies and experiences to provide the tools, systems, and methodologies to become a professional coach.

A pre- admission phone interview is required prior to beginning the program.

We look forward to speaking with you to answer any questions you may have about our program or any of our other business/personal development programs.

… Marcus

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Marcus Padulchick ND – Founder